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Just Confirmed to Speak at
AIPAC Policy Conference 2016!
Democratic Presidential Candidate
Hillary Clinton
AIPAC is pleased to announce that former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is confirmed to join us live at AIPAC’s 2016 Policy Conference.

It is our honor to host presidential candidates this year, just as we have in previous election cycles.

AIPAC has extended invitations to all of the active presidential candidates of both parties, and we will inform you as others confirm their participation in this year’s conference.

Policy Conference presents a unique opportunity for the candidates from both parties to share their views and discuss, in detail, their policy objectives regarding America’s relationship with Israel and the broader Middle East. This provides our community with an extraordinary opportunity to hear, directly and on the record, the positions of the presidential candidates on the U.S.-Israel relationship. Our Policy Conference is also likely to be one of the few venues that these candidates will have to speak to a bipartisan audience between now and Election Day.

Our next president will inherit a complicated and dangerous Middle East, and will play a critical role in shaping the U.S.-Israel alliance in this troubled region of the world. AIPAC has a unique function and special responsibility in America — we are the bipartisan stewards of this special relationship. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that our community develops a constructive relationship with whomever wins their respective party nomination and thus could be elected president.

We are delighted for AIPAC to serve as the venue for presidential candidates to share their perspectives, and we look forward to welcoming them.

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